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    Create a Compelling Online Presence Across Devices and Screen Sizes.

hpicon-websiteOnly 22% of marketers say they’re ahead of the curve when it comes to responsive design. 29% say they have “average” experience level, 23% say they’re behind the times, and 4% say they’re hopeless.

Begin with the user’s perspective.

With the rapid rise of mobile technology, new form factors and touch screen interfaces have raised expectations around what constitutes an acceptable user experience. Customers expect to access information on whatever device they happen to be using, and will quickly abandon brands or products that fail to meet their standards.

We help companies anticipate and design for a full range of devices, screen sizes and content formats. By employing a combination user research, rapid prototyping and design talent, we’ll ensure your brand is positioned on the leading edge of online experience.




Responsive/Multi-Screen Design

We apply a mobile-first approach to insure your site is optimized across platforms, defining user flows for each device before undertaking design.

User ResearchUser Research

Every project begins with an examination of the target audiences including personas, behavior mapping and goal prioritization.

Brand Experience Design

We have a detailed process for uncovering your brand’s essence and translating that vision into an online communications strategy.

Persona DevelopmentPersona Development

Effective marketing begins with a deep understanding of the target audience. Personas are narrative based composites of your audience segments that can act as foundational assets for all your marketing efforts.

Rapid PrototypingRapid Prototyping

We employ a number of responsive frameworks that allow us to quickly validate ideas in an interactive setting before embarking on a costly development project.

Understanding Responsive Web Design
Understanding Responsive Web Design

A detailed look at the current state of mobile web site development options.

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