Schulich School of Business


Schulich School of business is one of Canada’s top ranked business schools with a variety of degrees offered, including the country’s largest MBA program. Schulich’s focus on a global perspective and preparing students for the emerging transnational business environment has positioned them as a leader in addressing the broad changes that are now shaping the global economy.

Schulich had recently refreshed their home page with better images and a more contemporary look, but the effort felt largely superficial. The user experience was still lacking, and there was no coherent strategy on how to capture and convert users. The program pages, including the popular MBA program were dull, text laden and lacked any compelling visual content.


Rich visual cues and benefit driven copy

Without the mandate to address the entire site, Jar Creative proposed a strategy that turned the individual program pages into supplementary home pages rich with visual cues and benefit driven statements. An innovative tab structure was devised to speak to the three distinct user groups: prospective students, new students and returning students.

A web friendly approach to text formatting

The copy was rewritten for each of the programs in a format that was aligned with the habits of a web-based audience. Text was given a hierarchical structure with benefit driven headlines and subheadings to describe the breakdown of content. Supporting content is presented in bullet point format allowing users to quickly drill down to the level of detail they require.

Simple, succinct and scan-able content

The end result is content that is simple, succinct and scan-able. Since most prospective students are exploring the site on a program level, the user experience is focused around the benefits of each degree. Users now have options on how to navigate the program pages in the way that best suits their cognitive style, including using compelling images and benefit driven statements or a more fact based approach to guide them into the site.

A more effective marketing platform

The site is now much more effective as a marketing tool for the programs, with the emphasis having effectively shifted to attracting prospective students, while still addressing the needs of those who are currently enrolled in the programs. The school has proposed Jar Creative to advise on the next phase of development that will see video content be incorporated into the site.



User Experience Design
Content and Copywriting

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