ORION stands for the Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network. The organization that operates a high-bandwidth fiber optic network serving Ontario’s research and education facilities. With a mission to “…deliver a collection of unique value-added capabilities that enhances the pursuit of knowledge, social impact and economic outcomes every day”, Orion was looking to expand beyond its perceived status as an Internet utility.

With a new vision to enhance services and expand their reach, they asked Jar to help replace an outdated, overly technical website with something more streamlined and marketing friendly.


Clarifying the value proposition

One of the chief complaints about the existing site was that it was very hard to decipher what Orion actually did. With this in mind, we began the engagement with a series of discovery sessions to better define the target audience and clearly articulate the value that Orion brought to each user profile. From this, we helped develop high level messaging that supported Orion’s value proposition.

Emphasizing the new services structure

Through its partner organizations, such as Google Cisco and IBM, ORION offers a suite of add on services that can enhance the learning and research experience. We built a system of icons to represent each offering visually and tie it in with the branding of the additional services as part of the ORION “nebula”.

Creating a more modern interface

By carefully curating the amount of information presented on each page, and utilizing a more visual approach to navigation, we were able to create a much more contemporary and modern look for a site that speaks to the high tech nature of Orion’s services.



User Experience Design
Multi-screen Design
Content and Copywriting

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