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    Jar Creative is your Magento Commerce Partner

hpicon-marketing Looking for a leading e-commerce solution used by many of the world’s top brands? Jar has deep experience in designing and developing sophisticated e-commerce sites on Magento’s platform to support your unique retail strategy.

Benefits Include:

Unlock Growth with Magento
  • Magento gives you complete control over shopper experience to empower and engage your customers.
  • It meets your company’s unique needs with large number of available extensions and flexible customization.
  • Magento Enterprise Edition is highly scalable to support large and complex product catalogs and as your business grows
  • It provides tools to attract consumers and create personalized shopper experiences that increases conversion and customer loyalty to grow sales and long term customer value
Migrate to Magento
  • Implement a high availability and secure cloud architecture for your online store
  • Store setup, extensions and application configuration
  • Front-end development
  • Custom Magento theme development
  • Back-end development
  • Data migration from your existing platform
  • Content Migration
  • Analytics and reporting
Manage Multiple Online Stores with Magento
  • Create a multi-store architecture to support your unique brand, product lines and global stores in one Magento instance
Integrate with Magento
  • Synchronize your inventory system with Magento
  • Integrate your email and marketing automation systems with Magento
  • Connect to online market places
  • Link your store with social media
  • Connect your data with POS and ERP
  • Integrate your mobile and in-store shopper experience

Looking for help with Magento?

Jar Creative is a Magento partner who can get you up and running with a full-featured eCommerce presence.

We work side by side with you from the first requirements meeting, through migrated site launch and beyond to insure your store’s success. Because every business is different, we’ll design and deliver a solution that is tailored to your unique needs, using our expertise in eCommerce to insure you get the most out of Magento‘s platform.

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