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U.S. e-commerce sales in 2012 accounted for 5.2 % of total sales and have shown 11 consecutive quarters of double-digit growth. US mobile ecommerce sales are growing at a rate of 24% year over year.



We help retailers build, market and manage their e-commerce presence, while expanding their vision to include omni-channel Solutions that deepen customer engagement. From platform selection to email based loyalty marketing, to in-store mobile programs, we offer both consulting and implementation solutions that will put you on the cutting edge retail experience.

User Experience

We help retailers think more deeply about their online experience by diving deeply into user segments and contextual goals. Whether auditing an existing site or starting from scratch, we have a detailed research and planning process for building multi-screen experiences that are aligned with user goals and context. The end result is deeper user engagement and increased sales.

Inbound Marketing

Driving substantial traffic to an e-Commerce site requires a multi-pronged approach that begins by understanding your ideal customer’s persona. Once defined, we’ll help identify the best opportunities – from social media, to videos, to affiliate networks, to display advertising – and craft a plan that strikes a balance between your budget and business goals.

Understanding Responsive Web Design
Understanding Responsive Web Design

A detailed look at the current state of mobile web site development options.

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“Jar Creative have been essential in helping SoYoung grow its online sales into a 6 figure business. From design to technology to marketing strategy, they really know their stuff!”

Catherine Choi, Founder