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    Attract your Ideal Student with Data Driven User Experience

 Today, 68% of students are using mobile devices to view university websites while 43% of students use mobile devices for all of their web browsing.


User Experience Design

Information architecture for higher education sites can be a challenging due to a silo-ed organization and the need to serve multiple stakeholders. By employing a mix of user research, rapid prototypes, and known best practices, we can align all stakeholders behind a clear vision for the architecture and experience of the site.

Inbound Marketing

With students doing the majority of the research online there is an opportunity for schools to leverage marketing automation and CRM software to better engage prospective students. We’ll help you reach your ideal student profile with targeted content that speaks to each stage of the decision making process.


Understanding Responsive Web Design
Understanding Responsive Web Design

A detailed look at the current state of mobile web site development options.

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