Content Marketing vs Content Giveaways

Content marketing is about bringing your *targeted personas*  to your organization’s website and making sure you have the right workflow to bring them back. It’s important to remember that the primary goal of creating good content should always be lead capturing, and not a giveaway with hopes that a prospect will like the content enough to pickup a phone a call a salesperson.

This is the reason why we put content behind forms, because if a content offer provides enough value to a person, then a name and email is a small price to pay. Now by having a person’s name, and email you can do one of many things…

For example, sending a follow-up email after a few days asking them if they had any questions, or my personal favourite, sending other content pieces they might enjoy (with Hubspot you can use Workflows to accomplish this very easily!).

An example of a prospect’s journey:

Step 1:

– Prospect searches Google for website redesign guide and stumbles on *our own guide* (link


Step 2:

– If prospect feels the landing page will answer a question they have, then they would be more than willing to enter their information. (Above offer has a 39.3% Submission Rate)


Step 3:

– The content offer will be both available for instant viewing after they submit the form, and also an email will be sent to them thanking them for their interest.


Step 4:

– After several days the prospect will receive an email asking them if they had any questions about what they read (via HubSpot’s Workflow system). The purpose here is to start a conversation, with a clear topic.


Step 5:

– Now that we know this person is interested in Web Design we feel that our Mobile Guide is a great related content offer. So again using Workflows we add a trigger that allows for an email to be sent to those who have downloaded the Web Redesign Guide.


Once a prospect triggers more events (via downloads, page visits, time on site, etc.) then we can assign a lead score to them, and deliver sales-related copy (brochures, case studies, etc.).

This is an example of building a small lead generation machine by placing content offers behind landing pages, and not just giving it away to anyone looking. Not only will it produce leads, but also the *right lead*. (


If you have any questions or just want to talk Workflows, shoot me an email

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