A FREE Inbound Marketing Software Solution for Businesses

Who doesn’t like a FREE alternative to marketing? We bet you most start-ups are interested in solutions that help minimize costs. At the same time, companies don’t want to sacrifice their marketing – after all, how else will they generate revenue?

Now there’s always HubSpot; all-inclusive software that helps you market and promote your business online. In short, HubSpot is a platform that allows you to join and connect with every marketing tool to attract customers and clients to your site, and ultimately to create conversion. This is what we call Inbound Marketingwhich is a special approach that focuses on bringing in the visitors rather than having to attract your prospect’s attention.

Some of the elements of online marketing include things like blogging, social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), key word search etc. Through HubSpot you are able to manage and assess your leads, to ultimately convert them to possible revenue opportunities. The point is to make marketing efficient, simple and convenient.

While time and speed are biggies for most business owners, ‘money’ is no small issue. For many businesses, HubSpot is just too expensive and advanced. HubSpot has acknowledged this and as a result, there is a cheaper platform to help businesses get started with their inbound marketing.

LeadIn: Introducing the FREE Alternative to Inbound Marketing

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XOXO Fest 2014: A Landmark for Internet Treasures and the People who Make Them

A day after the conference, rather “experimental festival”, The Verge wrote that XOXO Fest is the most interesting event in tech today and how this tiny little gathering pushes the web forward. That’s a pretty big statement. It’s one I have to agree with because if you’ve ever wondered what the heart and soul of the internet looks like, there it was, present for 4 nights and three days in the west coast hipster mecca of Portland, Oregon in and around a little old iron works facility called The Redd.

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Stats Tuesday – Global Ecommerce


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What Does the iPhone 6 Mean for the Future of Mobile Payment?

With the iPhone 6’s recent arrival, most are focused on the larger screens and slimmer profiles as the killer new features. But over the long-term, what may emerge as perhaps the most significant new addition is Apple Pay, which allows the phone owner to use NFC (Near field Communication Technology) and simply wave their phone at checkout in place of using a credit card, essentially doing away entirely with the need for a wallet.


But NFC technology has been around for a while,  and in fact a number of Android devices already include this features. So what’s the big deal about Apple pay, and how will it move Mobile payments into the mainstream in a way that they haven’t before?

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Stats Tuesday: Long Live the Mall

Top Malls Around the World by Revenue & Size





This week we look at the biggest competition that ecommerce has and that is the mall. Mall represents more of a past time/entertainment vs ecommerce is strictly to fulfill a shopping need. There have been numerous articles in the past few month describing the dooms day scenario of the dead mall industry. Could we see a future without a mall? Could we see that we will no longer use the mall to socialize, browse and enjoy an afternoon on a rainy/snowy Sunday? In the northern states the mall is much more valuable to our lifestyle due to simple climate limitation of our climate.

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Hello Portland! Greetings from XOXO Fest

After a long day of travels (Toronto>Dallas/Forth Worth/Portland) I have finally arrived in the hipster mecca of Portland, Oregon for 4 solid days of XOXO Fest, an indie art and technology conference on now for it’s third year.

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How is eCommerce Growing in 2013 vs 2014 and Canadian Statistics




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Every Detail Matters: Why the Shopper Experience Affects Everything From Your Business Name to Your Font Style

Every online merchant is well aware that each potential customer has plenty of choices – even for the most esoteric products, there are a variety of options on the web. So how do you stand out from the rest and develop a cadre of loyal customers?

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Alibaba vs Amazon: Who Will Win?



Most of us know and bought something from Amazon but as the world prepares or the IPO for Alibaba even those of us outside the internet world are learning what that strange word stands for outside of the storybook.

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e-Commerce Celebrated 20 Years This Month. How Old is e-Commerce Really?

How old is e-commerce?

We celebrated 20 years of e-commerce this month. I read number of publications about   e-commerce anniversary that have been circulated on or around August 11.  If you try to study the history of e-commerce you find that e-commerce is little older than 20 years, in reality it’s age is practically double.


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