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    We Apply Data Science and Design Principles to Increase Online Engagement.

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Chris Bacchus

Digital Marketing Manager

Chris Bacchus has more than 10 years of experience working in the digital marketing industry as well as a background in IT. He has extensive knowledge of tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Google Analytics Solutions, Hubspot, Hootsuite, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. His focus is primarily on video production and graphics design, with detailed experience in SEO, SMM and SEM.

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Zoreena Abas

Chief Executive Officer

Zoreena Abas is the founder and CEO of Duologik, a successful information technology solutions provider. Zoreena has a 20 years career in general management responsible for company performance by creating strategy, implementing changes, assessing today and future performance and setting direction.

Zoreena is ranked #35 on Canada’s top 50 Women in business, by Profit 100 and honored by CDN (Canadian Dealer News) among 25 women specially recognized in IT Solutions.


The Core Principles that Guide Us

Our mission is to transform digital experience for our clients and their customers
by applying data science to the design of online products and marketing solutions.

Begin with the User’s Perspective

Begin with the User’s Perspective

From business processes to the solutions we design, our goal is to create inspiring experiences by building empathy for the end user.



We create value by relentlessly pursuing solutions that are a simple as possible – but no simpler.

Love to Learn

Live to Learn

We are a passionate learning organization where team members are empowered to pursue personal and professional growth.

Measurable and Predictable

Make it Measurable and Predictable

Data is the foundation of our decision making process, allowing us to measure our impact as we pursue clearly defined goals.

Provoke Clarity

Provoke Clarity

We’ll continue to question what we are solving for – and why – in order to get clear on the purpose of any project, meeting or inquiry.

Inspire Meaning

Inspire Excellence

We elevate the potential of our team by aligning our goals, adhering to core principles and celebrating success.


Our Culture

Jar is a culture of learning and sharing, where people from diverse backgrounds bring their passion and leadership to new business challenges. We’re about both personal and organizational growth, with a commitment to exploring new disciplines and processes that increase our ability to contribute value.

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